Signs of Mental Disorders

Symptoms of mental disorders vary depending on the type and severity of the condition.
Some general symptoms that may suggest a mental illness include:

In Adults
Confused thinking
Long-lasting sadness or irritability
Extremely high and low moods
Excessive fear, worry, or anxiety
Social withdrawal
Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
Strong feelings of anger
Delusions or hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not really there)
Increasing inability to cope with daily problems and activities
Thoughts of suicide
Denial of obvious problems
Many unexplained physical problems
Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol

In Older Children and Pre-Teens
Abuse of drugs and/or alcohol
Changes in school performance, falling grades
Inability to cope with daily problems and activities
Changes in sleeping and/or eating habits
Excessive complaints of physical problems
Defying authority, skipping school, stealing, or damaging property
Intense fear of gaining weight
Long-lasting negative mood, often along with poor appetite and thoughts of death
Frequent outbursts of angerf death
Frequent outbursts of anger